Master and slave are everywhere in computer science.

A master database server handles the writes and passes them out to read replicas or slaves.

The git master branch.

To name the biggest two. For some these words conjure bad imagery and worse history. There have been lots of attemps to replace them. There’s also been a some maligning the change as stupid, ageist, and other nonesense mostly bad arguements on quora

There have been a lot of a suggestions

  1. parent/child
  2. leader/follower
  3. primary/replica

But all of these share one thing. They lack


So I present my own alternative.

Photo of a shepard and their sheep in a large green field. 75%  of the image is a sunny sky. source

Shepard and Sheep


  1. Contains sheep, everyone loves sheep
  2. Not controversial
  3. Contains shepard, good old timey imagery
  4. Fun to say shhhh-eppp-ard shhhh-eeeyyypp


  1. ¿ Doesn’t include any other animals ?

Please help me spread the word. A suitable replacement has been found. It’s time to

git pull origin shepard
kubectl create -f sheep